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Explained: The Taliban war chest

Explained: The Taliban war chest In News: After recapturing Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, the Taliban have taken control over most of the country, as well as any weapon and equipment left behind by fleeing Afghan forces. What’s in today’s article: Taliban’s revenuesSources of revenue, including Drug trade, Mining and DonationsMlitary assets News Summary: The

About: The Somnath or the Deo Patan Temple

About: The Somnath or the Deo Patan Temple About: It is located in Veraval (Saurashtra) on the western coast of Gujarat, India. It is believed to be the first among the twelve Jyotirlinga shrines of Lord Shiva, and is an important pilgrimage and tourist spot of Gujarat. It was reconstructed several times in the past after repeated destruction by several

Everything About Quit India Movement

About Quit India Movement: The Quit India Movement started on August 9, 1942, and set in motion a chain of events over the following five years, which finally led to the end of the British rule in India. Also known as the August Kranti, the mass civil disobedience movement is considered to be one of

In Focus: Periodic Labour Force Survey

In Focus: Periodic Labour Force Survey In every economy, estimation of reliable employment and unemployment data is important. The National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) was historically conducting quinquennial (once in every five years) employment and unemployment surveys as part of its National Sample Surveys. From April 2017, the NSSO has adopted a new employment and unemployment survey

Explained: Why cloudbursts could become more frequent

In News: At least seven people were killed and 17 injured after a cloudburst hit remote Hunzar village, of the hilly Kishtwar district of Jammu and Kashmir. About Cloudburst: Cloudbursts are short-duration, intense rainfall events over a small area. A cloudburst is different from rain only in the amount of water that pours down on