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South Asia, which accounts for over a quarter of the world’s population, is bolstering its transmission and distribution infrastructure to meet growing energy demand, not only by expanding power grids but also by improving renewable energy sources such as solar and hydropower. The electricity policies of South Asian countries aim at providing electricity to every

Humanitarian Corridors

Humanitarian Corridors Q What is the context  ?  Recently, Russia declared a temporary ceasefire in the Russia-Ukraine War to provide “humanitarian corridors” for civilians. As the war enters a likely deadlier phase, numerous civilians attempt to leave the country for safety and refuge, there must be humanitarian measures taken to reduce civilian casualties. Q What are Humanitarian Corridors? They are demilitarised zones, in

Inland water transport system in India: Potential and challenges

Q What is the context  ? Month after setting sail on the Ganga from Patna, a vessel carrying 200 metric tonnes of food grains for the Food Corporation of India (FCI), docked at Guwahati’s Pandu port on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra. The occasion is believed to have taken inland water transport, on two

Why do Indians go abroad for medical studies?

Why do Indians go abroad for medical studies? Q What is the context  ? According to estimates from Ukraine, reported in the media, around 18,000 Indian students are in Ukraine (before Operation Ganga). Most of them are pursuing medicine. This war has turned the spotlight on something that has been the trend for about three

Why NATO isn’t sending troops to Ukraine?

Why NATO isn’t sending troops to Ukraine? Why is it in News ? Amid Russia’s war on Ukraine, the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) has been rapidly deploying troops to member countries but has clarified that it has no plans of sending them to Ukraine. Q What is NATO? NATO is a military alliance established