Revolutionary Movement in India – Contribution, Source of Influence, Strategy, Achievement

Revolutionary Movement in India

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  1. Contributions

Revolutionary term is used for section of Indian Nationalists who believed in “Cult of Bomb”.

  1. Difference between Revolutionary and Terrorist

Revolutionaries used violence against those whom they considered as exploiters.

Terrorist go for indiscriminate use of violence and Killing of innocent people can not be justified.

  1. Sources of Influences on Revolutionaries
    • Bankim Chandra Chatterjee’s “Anandmath”
    • Sachindranath Sanyal’s  “Bandijeevan”
    • Bhagvati Chandra Vohra’s “Philospohy of Bomb”
    • Irish Nationalist
    • Russian Nihilists and Revolutionaries
  1. Strategy of Revolutionaries

  • To strike terror in hearts of rulers
  • Assassin British officers whom they consider very exploitative
  • Arose patriotic feelings among masses.
  • Inspire youth for Heroism
  • Remove fear of British Authority
  • Initially emphasized on individual acts of heroism but later contemplated possibility of revolution of masses.
  • Operate from outside (Below personalities established societies in England and Europe)
    1. Shyamji Krishna Verma – India House – London
    2. Madam Kama
    3. Ajit Singh
    4. D. Savarkar
  1. Why it was not successful
  • Lacked mass support
  • They also did not get support from Indian National Congress
  • They had to depend on Individual acts of heroism
  1. Achievements of Revolutionaries
  • It filled political vacuum when congress was in INACTIVE Phase.
  • It inspired not only Youths but also Women.
  • By remarkable Heroism they gave pride of manhood in Indians.