Why Quit India Movement (August Revolution)is most UnGandhian?

Why Quit India Movement (August Revolution)is most UnGandhian?

It was most militant and UnGandhian because of following reasons.

  • Movement was clear rebellion, least controlled and most spontaneous
  • Gandhi allowed use of arms in self-defense
  • Justified armed resistance against stronger and well-equipped aggressor
  • Called for Do or Die
  • Asked not to remain alive to see country in state of bondage of slavery
  • Held that nation survives when people are ready to die for nation
  • Refused to condemn violence by people rather justified as reaction to bigger violence
  • Congress asked not to bow heads and receive strokes but pull stick and defend.
  • Nehru clarified that there is no restriction on any sorts like previous restrictions.
  • Congress clarified that everyone is free to use his or her own weapon
  • Gandhi called it as last struggle of his life
  • Gandhi held that further delay in freedom in injurious and Humiliating
  • He also clarified that there’s no plan to call off movement
  • He even permitted people to take control of police-station whenever necessary.

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