Citizenship (Art.5 -11)


Acquisition of Citizenship: 

  • By descent : Present : registration in embassy. 
  • By registration : 1+ 6/8
  • By Naturalization  : 1 + 11/14
  • By Incorporation of new territory
  • By Birth : 1993 : Atleast one parent, present : both father and mother. Children of foreign diplomats and enemy alien – no citizenship by birth 

Termination : 

  • By Deprivation : Govt by order depriving. 
  • By Termination : When one acquired another citizenship
  •  By renunciation : One renounces to be citizen of India by registration

Jan, 2015: PIO merged with OCI

  • All PIO card holders are now OCI card holders. 
  • Life long visa. 
  • Parity with NRI in economic, financial and educational fields except acquisition of agricultural and Plantation properties.

NRI: > 182 days outside India. He/She is a citizen of India. 

Indian constitution like Canada provided for Single Citizenship.

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