Military Exercises

Military Exercises

Mitra Sakthi


India – Sri Lanka Joint Military Exercise.

India – Sri Lanka Naval exercise

Sampriti India – Bangladesh
Yudh Abhyas India – USA joint military training exercise
Hand in Hand India – China military exercise
Konkan Indian Navy and the Royal Navy maritime exercise
Ekuverin India – Maldives
Al Nagah India – Oman army to army counter terror exercises
Naseem Al Bahr India – Oman navy to navy bilateral maritime exercise
Bold Kurukshetra


India – Singapore army exercise

India – Singapore naval exercise

Malabar India – USA – Japan Maritime exercise
Varuna India – French naval exercise
Ausindex India – Australia naval exercise
Indra India – Russia naval exercise
Nomadic elephant India – Mongolia Army exercise
Lamitye India – Seychelles
Prabal Dostyk India – Kazakhstan
Desert Eagle India – UAE airforce

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