Index of Industrial Production (IIP)

The Eight Core Industries comprise nearly 38 % of the weight of items included in the Index of Industrial Production (IIP).

They are:

  • Coal (weight: 4.38 %)
  • Crude Oil(weight: 5.22 %)
  • The Natural Gas(weight: 1.71 %)
  • Petroleum Refinery (weight: 5.94%)
  • Fertilizer (weight: 1.25%)
  • Steel (weight: 6.68%)
  • Cement (weight: 2.41%)
  • Electricity generation (weight: 10.32%) - max weightage


  • IIP measures the quantum of changes in the industrial production in an economy and captures the general level of industrial activity in the country.
  • IIP is a short term indicator of industrial growth till the results from Annual Survey of Industries and National Accounts Statistics are available.
  • The IIP index is computed and published by the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO) on a monthly basis. 
  • IIP is a composite indicator that measures the growth rate of industry groups classified namely as Mining, Manufacturing and Electricity.
  • Currently IIP figures are calculated considering 2011-12 as base year.