A committed bureaucracy must be cautious about who it is committed to. Explain.

A committed bureaucracy is conducive to national development only when its
commitment is towards public welfare. If this commitment is misunderstood and
the bureaucracy unflinchingly starts serving a political leader or party, it can prove disastrous for the nation. E.g. German officers under the Nazi’s who blindly supported Hitler led to the downfall of their own nation.
A bureaucrat should serve the political office, which symbolizes the people’s
aspirations rather than merely the person who occupies that office. As such, he
must understand that he is duty-bound to obey orders, so long as they do not
jeopardize public welfare.
Unquestioning and blind loyalty to the political executive dilutes administrative
neutrality and creates a spoils system. The bureaucrat enjoys political patronage
and the politician may introduce only self-serving programs. In such a scenario,
the bureaucrat and politician prosper, but the people suffer.