What are the ethical concerns involved in a country’s decision to deny asylum to refugees?

Such ethical concerns can be considered in two time-frames.
Short-term concerns:
i. Greater strain on scarce national resources, at the expense of ones own citizens.
ii. Security risks, since the refugees are more vulnerable to recruitment by terror
iii. Provides no clear benefits to the host country, apart from possibly a moral high
Long-term concerns:
i. Turning down refugees will make it difficult for them to survive; will resort to
trafficking, arms dealing etc. In an inter-connected, such problems are bound to
adversely affect other nations too.
ii. Creates further hostility against some nations, perceived as dominating the world
community e.g. it is very unlikely that an American refugee seeking asylum would
be treated similarly.
iii. Reflects a weak and selfish national character; further polarizes the international