Everything about Mi8 Helicopter

• Indian Air Force is phasing out the Mi-8 helicopters.

• Mi-8 helicopter has been used in numerous operations, missions, expeditions and movements conducted by IAF.

• Most of the Indian Air Force Officials have called the helicopter ‘iconic’.

Mi-8 helicopters

• They are a utility and medium sized assault helicopter.

Induction in IAF

• In 1972, they were inducted in IAF from erstwhile USSR.

• They were first assembled at Mumbai and were test-flown by Russian and Indian teams before they were despatched to their first unit in Assam.


Mi-8 helicopter is most commonly used as:

1 Transport helicopter

2 Airborne command post

3 Armed gunship

4 Reconnaissance platform


• They are available in civil and military versions.

Mi-8T transport helicopter

• The Mi-8T military transport helicopter is configured with a conventional pod and boom, with a tail rotor and non-retractable tricycle nose-wheel landing gear.

• The five-bladed rotor is made from aluminium alloy.

• The cockpit accommodates three crew: commander, navigator and flight mechanic.

• An oxygen system is provided for the crew and for casualties in the ambulance and rescue variants of the helicopter.

Mi-8TV armed helicopter

• The armed variant is designated as Mi-8TV.

• It is fitted with 7.62mm built-in machine guns and six external weapons racks with S-5 rockets.

• The helicopter can also deploy anti-tank missiles and is also capable of laying minefields.

Mi-8MPS search and rescue helicopter

• The Mi-8MPS search and rescue helicopter was developed for the military transport helicopter.

• In rescue missions, the helicopter crew drop radio-beacons to mark the distress area and deliver rescue teams to aid and recover the casualties.

• The helicopter can lift ten people at a time on a sling and is provided with an emergency landing device that ensures buoyancy for up to 30 minutes.