Sources of the Constitution :

Sources of the Constitution

1. Government of India Act of 1935: Federal Scheme, Office of governor, Judiciary, Public Service Commissions, Emergency provisions and administrative details.

2. British Constitution: Parliamentary government, Rule of Law, legislative procedure, single citizenship, cabinet system, prerogative writs, parliamentary privileges and bicameralism.

3. US Constitution: Fundamental rights, independence of judiciary, judicial review, impeachment of the president, removal of Supreme Court and high court judges and post of vice-president.

4. Irish Constitution: Directive Principles of State Policy, nomination of mem-bers to Rajya Sabha and method of election of president.

5. Canadian Constitution:  Federation with a strong Centre, vesting of residuary powers in the Centre, appointment of state governors by the Centre, and advisory jurisdiction of the Supreme Court.

6. Australian Constitution:  Concurrent List, freedom of trade, commerce and inter-course, and joint sitting of the two Houses of Parliament.

7. Weimar Constitution of Germany: Suspension of Fundamental Rights during Emergency.

8. Soviet Constitution (USSR, now Russia): Fundamental duties and the ideal of justice (social, economic and political) in the Preamble.