National Population Policy 2002

National Population Policy 2002

 long term objective of achieving a stable population by 2045
 To address the unmet needs for contraception, health care infrastructure, and health personnel
 To provide integrated service delivery for basic reproductive and child health care.
 Maternal Mortality Rate: below 100 per lakh birth.
 Infant Mortality Rate: 30 per 1000 live birth.
 Total Fertility rate: 2.1 (Replacement Level of 2010).
 Achieve 80% institutionalized deliveries, to reduce MMR
 Achieve universal immunization of children.
 Promote delayed marriage for girls, not earlier than age 18 and preferably after 20 years of age.
 Compulsory school education, reduce dropout rate.
 Promote small family norm to achieve replacement levels of TFR.
 Convergence in implementation of related social sector programs.

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