Everything about US shutdown

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What is a government shutdown?

A US government shutdown happens if lawmakers in Congress do not pass enough funding to run government operations and agencies. The federal government shuts down when spending bill lapse and Congress and the President are unable to break the deadlock.The government workforce is placed on an unpaid leave of absence, known as a furlough and told not to work.More than 800,000 federal employees were furloughed during the last US government shutdown which lasted more than two weeks in 2013.

Are they common?

The government has shutdown 18 times since 1976 and the last time it was in 2013.

Who works and who doesn’t?

In 2013, about 40% of federal workforce was furloughed.This excluded postal workers and military personnel on active duty.


No new patients in clinical research admitted and disease hotlines are shut down.There is no new hiring of federal law enforcement, including border patrol agents.National Park Service, National museum and monuments are shut down.Visa and Passport services are suspended.

Why don’t shutdown happen elsewhere?

In parliamentary systems, a government that can’t pay the bills doesn’t last long.In 2012, for example, the Dutch government couldn’t agree a budget.The prime minister resigned, elections were held, and a new government formed.