Everything about Project Size by NIFT

  • Indian launched a project named Size India to get its own sizing standards after following the size code of European countries or the US.

News Summary

Project Size India

  • A project is to be launched to scan and measure thousands of men and women in the age group of 15-65 years to come up with an extensive size chart that reflects the “unique Indian body structure”.
  • The survey, dubbed Size India, is to be completed by 2021 and will be implemented by the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT).

Sample size

  • For this NIFT will try to tap the maximum diversity of ethnicity so that the data are truly representative.
  • Basic data, including gender, locality and age, will be collated for the survey.
  • While the first phase of the survey will focus on a size chart for ages 15-65 years, the second phase will map the sizes for children, and for footwear.
  • Though data will need to be updated after 10 years, but the next survey can be done at a smaller level.


  • Whole body scanners will capture accurate 3D body maps, building a database of measurements.
  • The scan will use over 120 measurements to form the basis of the size chart that will be representative of the Indian population.
  • The methodology will ensure that ISO standards are used for this scientific study, so that the data is acceptable internationally.
  • The idea is to bring some discipline to the sizing chart, which at present is very fluid.

Support from other players

  • NIFT hopes to rope in industry players like e-commerce giants and others to participate.
  • Support could be in the form of funding for the project, mobilisation of people, to encourage people to participate in the survey, etc.


  • The size chart, besides being a help to consumers, is expected to be beneficial to the apparel industry as it will lead to a reduction of returns.