Prelims 3444

The ’90-90-90’ target is often in the news, it is related to which of the following disease?
Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
Explanation :
The report released by United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS (UNAIDS), Ending AIDS: Progress towards the 90–90–90 target, is the annual scorecard for progress.
The idea behind the 90-90-90 target is to diagnose 90% of people who are HIV positive; get 90% of the diagnosed HIV+ people on antiretroviral treatment, and 90% of those on antiretrovirals should be virally suppressed.
As per the report in 2016, out of 36.7 million people infected by HIV, 19.5 million people are on antiretroviral therapy.
Globally AIDS-related deaths have almost halved since 2005 i.e deaths caused by AIDS in 2005 was 1.9 million which has fallen to 1 million in 2016.
Status of India
Nearly 95 per cent of the cases in 2016 were concentrated in just 10 countries, India being one of them. 2.1 million People in India are living with HIV.
With occurrence of 80,000 new infections annually, India is the country where most new HIV infections occur in the Asia-Pacific region.