Prelims 5030

Which of the following is/are direct source(s) of information about the interior of the earth?
1. Seismic waves
2. Volcano
3. Gravitational force
4. Earth magnetism
Select the correct answer using the code given below:
1 and 3
2 only
2 and 4
1, 2 and 4
Explanation :
There are two sources for information about interior of the earth – Direct Sources and Indirect Sources.
Direct Sources: Mining, drilling and volcanic eruption are examples of direct sources. During the process of mining and drilling rocks and minerals are extracted which gives information that there are layer system in the crust. Crust is made of many kinds of rocks and minerals. Volcanic eruption suggests that there is some zone inside the earth which is very hot and in liquid condition. Direct sources are not very reliable because mining and drilling can be done only up to some depth only.
Indirect Sources: Seismic waves, gravitational field, magnetic field, falling meteors etc are example of indirect sources. They are very important for know about earth‘s interior. Movement of seismic wave suggests that there are three layers in the earth and each layer has different density. Density increases toward the center of the earth. Movement of seismic wave suggests two things: a) There are three layers in the earth and b) Each layer has different density which increases toward the center of the earth