MCQ on Videsh Bhavan

Which of the following statements is/are true regarding Videsh Bhawan?
1. It is pilot project of Ministry of External Affairs and Ministry of Urban Development.
2. The project is aimed at relocating the people who have economically suffered due to the war in the Middle East.
Choose the correct answer from the codes given below:
1 only
2 only
Both 1 and 2
Neither 1 nor 2
Explanation :
It is a first pilot project which has assimilated and brought together MEA’s different offices under one roof to work closely with states as more and more Indians are going abroad for employment, education, business and tourism.
The “Videsh Bhavan” is situated at Mumbai and is the first integrated office complex of the Ministry of External Affairs established in any State of India. The different offices include:
Regional Passport Office (RPO)
Protector of Emigrants (PoE) office
Branch Secretariat
Regional Office of ICCR