Gandhara School of Art

Consider the below statements with regard to Gandhara School of Art and identify the incorrect statement:

a       Theme is mainly Buddhist, depicting various stories from the life of Buddha.
b       More stress is given to the inner beauty and facial emotions rather than bodily gesture.
c       Sculptures were made initially on stone and later on Stucco, both grey in colour.
d       This school is influenced by Greco-Roman techniques to a greater extent.

Solution (b)

The Gandhara art flourished during the Kushana rule in India. Particularly Kanishka, the greatest of the Kushanas was a great patron of art and architecture. It was during his reign that Gandhara School of art flourished. The new Gandhara style of art that developed in sculpture was a fusion of Greco-Roman and Indian styles.

The characteristic features of the Gandhara School of art was

(1)   The subject was Indian.

(2)   The form of art was foreign.

The Gandhara sculptors made images of Lord Buddha in the Greco-Roman style. The images of Buddha resembled Greek God Apollo.