MCQ on El Niño

With the reference to the concept of ‘Recurving tropical cyclones’ in Western Pacific which of the following statements is/are not correct?
1. The recurving of the cyclones can result in flooding across India.
2. It occurs less frequently during the El Nino years.
Choose the correct answer from the following codes:
1 Only
2 Only
Both 1 and 2
None of the above
Explanation :
Re-curving Western Pacific tropical cyclones may have played a role in reducing the August rainfall across India. During the monsoon months, cyclones in the Western Pacific move westwards towards India and aid rain-bearing systems over the sub-continent. But in some years they ‘recurve’, or start to swing north-east and do not give as much of a push to the rains as they do in the good monsoon years. This re-curving frequently happens during the El Nino years but this time it inexplicably occurred when an El Nino hasn’t yet taken shape.