Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Regarding Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), which is not true?

a     Environmental Impact Assessment is a tool to assess potential threat of project on environment.
b     EIA also consider an aspect of socioeconomic impacts like demographic changes and employment.
c      EIA is done after the completion of any project.
d     There is no biodiversity clearance till now in India.

Solution (c)

EIA is done before the starting of any project, assessment start in very first stage.

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), is a planning tool to integrate environmental concerns into the developmental process from the initial stage of planning. It was first used in India as early as 1978 with river valley projects, and was subsequently extended to large public sector projects requiring Public Investment Board (PIB) clearance. These practices were formally codified for the first time in the EIA Notification, 1994. This made the requirement of environmental clearance mandatory for 37 categories of projects/ processes, listed therein. The criterion of investment was the basis for the projects requiring environmental clearance in different sectors.