Everything about Tarang App

TARANG’ mobile app and web portal was launched to

a       Promote citizen partnership in governance by channelizing their ideas, comments and suggestions to Central Ministries and associated organizations
b       Monitor power transmission projects
c       Provide all the Passport-related services to all the Indian citizens in a convenient and transparent manner
d       Enhance connectivity of consumers with the urban power distribution sector by providing information to consumers on power outage, addressing complaints, power reliability etc.

Solution (b)

‘TARANG’ (Transmission App for Real Time Monitoring & Growth) Mobile App & Web Portal has been developed by RECTPCL, under the guidance of Ministry of Power. Introduction of the electronic platform shall enhance ease, accountability & transparency and would boost confidence of investors in power transmission sector. Better price discovery shall ultimately benefit the power consumers in India.

TARANG is a powerful monitoring tool that tracks upcoming transmission projects and monitor the progress of Inter-State & Intra-State transmission systems in the country, being developed through Regulated tariff mechanism as well as Tariff Based Competitive Bidding(TBCB) route.

TARANG shall also include status of stalled/delayed transmission systems in country which would enable the stakeholders viz. Ministry of Power, State Governments, all private sector transmission developers and PSUs like Power Grid Corporation of India Ltd., for expeditious completion of such projects.

Green Energy Corridors, an important component of our renewable energy mission, would also be monitored through TARANG and help to meet our ambitious targets in same on time. The web portal can be accessed at http://www.tarang.website.