Brown Palm Civet

Consider the following statements about Brown Palm Civet

1.      It is endemic to rain forests of Western Ghats in India

2.      It is also found in New Zealand and Australia

3.      It is listed as ‘Least Concern’ under IUCN red list

Select the correct statements

a       1 and 2
b       2 and 3
c       1 and 3
d       All of the above

Solution (c)

Brown palm civet (Paradoxurus jerdoni), an elusive nocturnal animal, was recently spotted at Valparai

Also called ‘Jerdon’s Palm Civet’, the animal is different from the common civet cat

Unlike the common civet cat or toddy cat, the brown palm civet has brown fur all over its body and a prominently brown nose
Brown Palm Civet has been recorded only in evergreen forest and in degraded and anthropogenic habitats over former evergreen forest, such as coffee plantations; there are no records from deciduous forests.

Endemic to rain forests of Western Ghats
Brown Palm Civet is listed on CITES Appendix III by India, as well as Schedule II part II of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972