Everything about computer worm

A self-replicating computer program which sends copies of itself to other nodes on the computer network without any user intervention is known as

a       Computer virus
b       Trojan horse
c       key logger
d       Computer worm

Solution (d)

Trojan: Trojan is one of the most complicated threats among all. Most of the popular banking threats come from the Trojan family such as Zeus and SpyEye. It has the ability to hide itself from antivirus detection and steal important banking data to compromise your bank account.

Virus: It is a malicious program where it replicates itself and aim to only destroy a computer. The ultimate goal of a virus is to ensure that the victim’s computer will never be able to operate properly or even at all. It needs user intervention for spreading purpose

Worm: One of the most harmless threats where it is program designed only to spread. It does not alter your system to cause you to have a nightmare with your computer, but it can spread from one computer to another computer within a network or even the internet. The computer security risk here is, it will use up your computer hard disk space due to the replication and took up most of your bandwidth due to the spread. A computer worm is a software program that can copy itself from one computer to another, without human interaction.

Key logger: Something that keeps a record of every keystroke you made on your keyboard. Key logger is a very powerful threat to steal people’s login credential such as username and password. It is also usually a sub-function of a powerful Trojan.