Jaipur and Udaipur Declaration

Jaipur Declaration’ and ‘Udaipur Declaration’ is concerned with which of the following?

a       BRICS
b       Resurgent Rajasthan
c       Raisina Dialogue
d       Rajasthan Tourism

Solution (a)

Jaipur Declaration –

·         Women Parliamentarians from BRICS nations expressed commitment to work together in the field of economic growth, social inclusion and environmental protection in the ‘Jaipur Declaration’ adopted by them.

·         The Declaration also called upon international financial institutions to extend support to developing and least developed countries and help them gain easier access to new and affordable technologies as envisaged under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Paris Agreement.

·         The Declaration mentions the need to address climate change and protection of ecological system and forest as well as food security, expeditious parliamentary approval of SDG related legislation and adequate budgetary resources.

·         It also emphasises on plans for incorporating gender concerns and greater involvement of women parliamentarians in integrating citizens in the development process.

Udaipur Declaration –

·         BRICS nations to set up a dedicated Joint Task Force for Disaster Risk Management for regular dialogue, exchange, mutual support and collaboration among them.

·         The meeting was a new milestone in collaboration and cooperation among BRICS countries in the field of disaster management.

·         The roadmap for implementation of the three-year Joint Action Plan for BRICS emergency services (2016-18) was also finalised