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Ensuring access to justice Editorial 2nd Apr’19 TheHindu


Headline : Ensuring access to justice Editorial 2nd Apr’19 TheHindu

Details :

 Justice system in India is not accessible to many:


SC has not favoured having benches at other places as justice might get diluted:

But High Courts have benches without justice getting diluted:


Problems of SC sitting only in Delhi:

  1. Many good lawyers not getting to argue in SC:
  1. Many ordinary lawyers are practising in SC while just a few good lawyers are dominating:
  1. SC in Delhi has been reduced to hearing all sorts of frivolous cases:


Major problem of unethical lawyers leading to denial of justice to people

Examples of unethical practices:


Disciplinary jurisdiction over lawyers

Was originally with courts:

Later power given to lawyers:

But Bar Council has not been effective in disciplining lawyers:


The way forward



GS Paper II: Polity & Governance


Section : Editorial Analysis
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