What is Attitude? Discuss its components with examples. (150 words)

What is Attitude? Discuss its components with examples. (150 words)


  • Briefly explain attitude in introduction.
  • Give its components with examples.
  • Conclude appropriately.
Model Answer :

Attitude is a state of the mind, a set of views, or thoughts, regarding some topic (called the ‘attitude object’), which have an evaluative feature (positive, negative or neutral quality). It is accompanied by an emotional component, and a tendency to act in a particular way with regard to the attitude object.

Components of Attitude:

It has 3 components, commonly referred as A-B-C:

  1. Cognitive Component– The thought component which consists of values, ideas and other information is referred to as the cognitive aspect.
  2. Affective Component– The emotional component which involve the person’s feeling or affect-positive, neutral or negative-about an object is known as the affective aspect.
  3. Behavioral Component– The tendency to act in a particular manner towards an objectis called the behavioral (or conative) aspect.

Suppose a group of children are playing cricket in ground. Based on sufficient information, your view towards sports is positive (Cognitive Component). You feel very happy when you see children playing but you don’t feel good when someone stops them to play. (Emotional Part). Now supposes you also started playing with children. This shows the behavioral component of attitude.

Hence attitude plays an important role in changing our opinions, thinking, views etc. towards a particular attitude object through its three components.

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