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How Election Commission draws manpower for polls, and what disciplinary control it exercises over these officers


Headline : How Election Commission runs poll machinery?

Details :



Election Commission of India:


Manpower for conducting elections:


Exceptions: There are 10 categories of government officers and employees that are exempted from election duty. These are:

  1. Senior officers of the Indian Forest Service;
  2. Doctors and compounders working in veterinary hospitals;
  3. Grade B officers of veterinary hospitals;
  4. Medical staff including doctors and nurses;
  5. Territorial staff of the forest departments;
  6. All India Radio employees;
  7. Doordarshan employees,
  8. Operational/technical staff of UPSC, BSNL and educational institutions;
  9. Officers/staff of commercial banks located in rural areas which happen to be a single-officer branch;
  10. A person retiring in six months.


EC’s disciplinary control over the electoral machinery


Section : Polity & Governance
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