Indian Army gets first batch of Dhanush artillery guns

Headline : Indian Army gets first batch of Dhanush artillery guns 

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The News

  • In a major boost to its fire power, the indigenously produced long-range artillery gun, Dhanush was inducted into the Indian Army.


In focus: Dhanush


  • Dhanush is the first indigenously produced long-range artillery gun.
  • It has been developed by the Ordnance Factory Board and manufactured by the Jabalpur-based Gun Carriage Factory.
  • About 81% of its components are indigenously sourced which would scale up to 90 per cent by 2019.
  • Indian Army will induct a total of 114 Dhanush artillery guns by 2023.
  • The 155mm 45 caliber Dhanush is a long-range artillery gun system of 2 varieties
  • Towed-variety
  • Self-propelled mounted gun system variety



  • It is a 45 caliber 155mm towed artillery gun. (caliber is the internal dia of the barrel and 155mm is the length of the barrel)
  • It has a 6-round magazine.
  • Capable of firing 60 rounds in 60 minutes.
  • Maximum firing range of 38 km in the plain areas.(11 km more than Bofors guns)
  • It can achieve a bigger range in high-altitude region where the density of air is much thinner and thus less air-friction.


Advanced features

  • Inertial navigation based sighting system.
  • Day and night direct firing capability with a thermal imaging system.
  • All electric-drive gun laying and sighting system.
  • Advanced communication system
  • Automated command and control system
  • Self-propelled and thus capable of quick deployability and high mobility in difficult mountainous terrain.


In brief: The artillery System of India

  • India has a 2-front porous border of 7000-odd kms and 4000-odd kms with China and Pakistan respectively.
  • The operational requirement to fight a 2-front war is 3000-odd artillery guns in addition to aerial weapons, precision-guided weapons, multi-barrel rocket launches etc.
  • The categories of artillery systems include
  • Long-range guns of towed variety
  • Self-propelled guns mounted on a high-mobility vehicle (K9 Vajra)
  • Light howitzers for difficult mountainous terrains. (M777 howitzers)


K9 Vajra T guns

  • The K9 Vajra-T gun is a 155-mm, 52-calibre artillery gun.
  • It is a South Korean artillery gun in the self-propelled mounted gun category.
  • It has a range of 28-38 km.
  • It is the first ever-artillery gun that will be manufactured by private sector in India with L & T India manufacturing 90 of them.
  • Further, K9 Vajra is capable of ‘burst firing’ meaning which it can fire 3 rounds in 30 seconds.


M777 Ultra Light Howitzers

  • The M777 is a 155-mm, 39-calibre towed medium artillery gun.
  • It has a maximum range of 30 km.
  • M777s are light artillery guns with a weight of 4 tonnes and are capable of being air lifted by Chinook helicopters.
  • Thus, M777 can be deployed in mountainous terrains devoid of roads & tracks.

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