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 Differentiate among ethics, morals and values with suitable examples. (150 words)


 Differentiate among ethics, morals and values with suitable examples. (150 words)


  • In introduction, write about how these are inter related terms.
  • Then give differences among ethics, morals and values with examples.
  • Conclude appropriately.
Model Answer :

Ethics, morals and values are inter-related terms as all shape how we behave in our life. While they often used interchangeably, there are differences in what each term signifies.

  • Ethics is a set of standards that society places on itself. They guide individual’s behaviour as a member of the society. For example- Disrespecting elderly people is seen as unethical by society.
  • Morals are the principles that an individual adheres to, to make the distinction between right and wrong. It is based on personal conscience. For example- You may have moral that lying is unacceptable, and see liars as immoral.
  • Values are the individual’s own principles or qualities that guide his behavior/actions. It does not necessarily involve judging something as right or wrong. For example-  you may value honesty more than achievement by any means.

Morals focus on logical and rational criteria to reach a decision, while values describe what is valuable to an individual. And ethics on the other hand, are dictated by society, culture or religion. Morals and values define the personal character while ethics stress on social system. Ethics, morals and values play important role in different aspects by guiding the behavior of people, and enable social living by man.

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