The number of projects undertaken in space technology is growing day by day as the area of applications are immense. Explain.

The number of projects undertaken in space technology is growing day by day as the area of applications are immense. Explain.


• Introduce by pointing out increasing endeavours in the space technology.

• Discuss the applications by subdividing into 4-5 headings.

• Conclude appropriately.

Model Answer :
The space technology is without a doubt driving the modern world. A number of countries and private enterprises are undertaking projects or entering into collaboration for development of space technology. The applications of space technology are not limited to exploring the outer space which remains an object of fascination for mankind since time immemorial.
The applications of space technology are:
  • Earth Observation: The Remote sensing satellites are used for earth observation which has a wide range of applications in the areas of agriculture, water resource management, urban planning, mineral exploration, etc.
  • Satellite Communication: The communication satellites have revolutionized the economic and technological growth of mankind. Various applications like Telemedicine, Direct to Home services, Internet Services, Telecommunication , etc. The INSAT and GSAT series of satellite are instrumental in facilitating e-governance in India.
  • Disaster Management: The space technology aids disaster management in a big way by providing the emergency communication system and remote sensing capabilities to predict upcoming disasters. For example, recently launched South Asia Satellite boosts efforts made to reduce the disaster risk in the region.
  • Satellite Navigation: The satellite navigation is widely used for civil purposes like address location, road transportation, civil airline navigation, etc., among its strategic uses are border management, monitoring enemy movement, etc. Some of the prominent satellite navigation systems are GPS, GLONASS, Galileo and BEIDOU. India has also developed IRNSS(NAVIC) and GAGAN in this area.
  • Climate Monitoring: Various systems have been developed to provide hourly information on the critical weather patterns such as pressure, temperature, humidity, rainfall, wind, etc. ISRO has developed AGROMET to measure soil temperature, soil heat, soil radiation, soil moisture, etc. Doppler Weather Radars are being used to monitor extreme weather events like heavy rainfalls and cyclones.
  • Others: The offshoots of space technology are being applied in our day to day life such as the CAT scans, scratch-resistant lenses, artificial limbs, etc.
Besides being a profitable venture, space technology is also making lives of people simpler. Space technology should continue to be harnessed for human development and to reveal the unknown for the benefit of humankind.

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