Why the attack in Gadchiroli is significant?

Headline : Why the attack in Gadchiroli is significant?

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The News

  • The Maoist attack in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli district led to the death of 15 Police personnel.



  • This attack in Gadchiroli is another significant event in the long history of Maoist violencein Gadchiroli, where the naxal movement began in 1980.
  • This district has been the hot-bed of naxal activities in Maharashtra with the Maoist violence claiming 418 lives in the past three decades.
  • The Maharashtra government has been building a narrative of asserting control over the district after their huge success of the encounter carried out inGadchiroli in April 2018 thatleft 38 alleged Maoists dead.
  • Now, the attack in the same district must have some signals to give.


Summary of the news

  • The Maoist attack in Maharashtra’s Gadchiroli district led to the death of 15 Maharashtra Police C-60 personnel and the driver of their private vehicle.
  • The attack was carried on with IED blast.


Failures attributed to the attack

  • Failure of intelligence: The Maoists are present in the area and the police claims to have active intelligence networks but still they were unable to identify this threat, which amounts to failure of intelligence.
  • Violation of Standard Operating Procedures: IED blasts cause damage when they hit forces travelling together and that is why in Maoist areas, forces are encouraged to travel on foot or on motorcycles with a gap between two bikes but as these police personnel were travelling together in a private vehicle, is against the Standard Operating Procedures.


Why this attack is significant?

  • Selection of difficult terrain: Gadchiroli has dense forests and rivers and sparse population, this has always been a difficult terrain for security personnel to control the district and operate in.
  • Location of Gadchiroli: It is at the trijunction of Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh, and Telanagana, which facilitates the Maoists to cross state borders at their will, making it difficult for the state police to catch them.
  • Safe Area: Gadchiroli offers both a corridor for passage as well as a mostly safe holding area for Maoists due to lack of coordination between the connected state’s police.
  • Efforts of the state: Maharashtra’s efforts to connect to local adivasis and build local intelligence, has just helped them reduce hold of Maoists but it has not helped them tocarry out aggressive attacks.
  • Registering presence: After the April 2018 encounter, the Maoists would have felt the need to register their presence.
  • Logistics and Strategy: The comeback of Maoists after a year signals that they have now got their logistics in place and carrying out a low-cost strike with IED blast could be their strategy.
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