Explain the Samadhan doctrine to tackle the problem of left-wing extremism in India.

Explain the Samadhan doctrine to tackle the problem of left-wing extremism in India.


  • Briefly introduce the problem of LWE.
  • Elaborate the components of the Samadhan doctrine as proposed by the HM of India.
  • Conclude appropriately.
Model Answer :

The Left Wing Extremism(LWE) is one of the biggest internal security threats to India. It is not only leading to the loss of lives on both sides day by day but also preventing the growth and development of a significant number of people. The ‘SAMADHAN’ doctrine as recently proposed by the honourable Home Minister of India, to tackle this menace is as follows:

  • Smart Leadership: A leadership having a proper vision and mission is the key. The leadership must develop coordinated strategy & plan, and display passion & self-belief in eradicating the LWE.
  • Aggressive Strategy: The counter strategy should not be a reaction to an occurred event, we have to bring aggression in strategy, deployment of forces, operations and developmental activities.
  • Motivation and Training: Proper facilities and operating environment like provision of power, water, connectivity etc should be provided to the deployed forces so that they can remain stress-free. Adequate training in local conditions like language, traditions and culture should be provided to the forces to earn the trust of local people.
  • Actionable Intelligence: Establish good intelligence network with local people, use the inputs given by the surrendered LWE cadre and periodic exchange of information between the state police and central agencies.
  • Dashboard Based Key Performance Indicator and Key Result Areas: Forces should develop the KPIs and KRAs to assess the preparedness & performance and individual abilities of officers.
  • Harnessing Technology: Use of technologies of satellite monitoring, UAVs, communication, trackers in weapons etc. can have a multiplier effect on the force applied against the LWE.
  • Action plan for each Theatre: Develop the specific action plan to tackle the LWE for each affected state as the conditions are variable. Also, the plan should be developed on a short-term, medium-term, long-term basis and the goals and deadlines must be clearly defined.
  • No access to Financing: The LWE movement can be crippled by stopping the access to finance as there will be no scope for basic provisions and procurement of the arms & ammunition for the extremist cadre. The channels of finance must be identified and eliminated at the earliest.

This is a holistic strategy aimed at realising the vision of LWE free India. The fight against LWE is a coordinated battle on security and development fronts and needs to be finished & won at the earliest.

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