Let’s Start Now, Target 2019 vs Target 2020

Hello Guys,

I hope everyone has taken enough rest, met with your loved one and done some analysis over the Prelims exams.

Anyway, The Past is Past. Now It’s time to leave behind the love and study ruthlessly for next 10 months.

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Schedule for both the people who are going to crack the Prelims and those not able to crack it will be same.  The Only difference between the preparation of 2019 aspirant and 2020 aspirant is the speed and agility.


For those with 2019 aspirant (Can crack Prelims)


1)Introspect and ask yourself where you stand in the process of clearing mains.

2) Stay away from “friends” who are not going to clear prelims – They will first distract you then destroy you.  [Don’t waste single minute on those people, be Selfish and Plan each minute]

First Priority– Optional, Essay, Ethics [until Prelims Results- You have to complete it]

Second Priority – Static Syllabus [GS1 (History, Geography,)]

Third Priority – GS2 and GS3 [This is mostly current oriented]

Offensive mindset is required now, Defensive mindset won’t work for Mains.

[ Brainstorming is more important for mains, everything should be ready in your mind (Introduction, Conclusion, Body of answer can vary)

You should be ready to check your stamina by writing 2 papers a day in next 2 months]

More micro planning will be published by Monday for people clearing mains

For 2020 aspirants: –

1) Every Month you have to complete one paper

  • From July to December, You have 6 months.
  • Every day you have to read, write, mug up optional subject over next 5-6 months
  • Every month you have to complete one GS paper and Essay and revision (6 Months).
  • You should be ready with your complete mains preparation by December
  • At any cost, you should start your preparation for Prelims by 1st January.


Micro planning for Each month for next 6 month will be published soon.