What are the key provisions of America’s new Afghanistan policy? Discuss its implications for India and Pakistan.

What are the key provisions of America’s new Afghanistan policy? Discuss its implications for India and Pakistan.


  • Start with the recent decision of US govt. about Afghanistan.
  • Give provisions of US new Afghanistan policy.
  • Then discuss its implications for India and Pak.
  • Conclude appropriately

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Model Answer :

Recently, U.S. President Donald Trump laid out the long-awaited U.S. strategy for Afghanistan and South Asia. After 16 years, Afghanistan remains America’s longest war. It has spent more than $800 billion and nearly 2,400 U.S. soldiers have lost their lives.

Key provisions of Trump’s new Afghanistan policy are:

  • The US will not indulge in a a rapid exit from Afghanistan, whose consequences would be “predictable and unacceptable.”
  • It was made clear that the purpose of the U.S. military presence “is not nation-building”, but “killing terrorists”.
  • It declared that US military would ramp up troop levels in Afghanistan by several thousands.
  • It lifted restrictions on the US commanders to attack the Taliban and other terrorist groups in Afghanistan.
  • Mr. Trump said that Afghanistan will require the integration of diplomatic, economic and military solutions in which one day, a political settlement could occur that might involve elements of the Taliban.
  • It called Pakistan a country that shelters terrorists and threatened to cut off US aid to Pakistan.
  • It recognized the larger role of India in providing economic and development assistance to Afghanistan, and called for U.S. to further develop its relationship with India.

Implications of the new policy on India:

  • It elevated India as key security and economic partner of US which is a departure from previous approaches.
  • It also gives India an opportunity to work with US for overall development of Afghanistan. So, India’s role in Afghanistan’s peace and stability will rise.

Implications of the new policy on Pakistan:

  • New policy might force Pakistan to stop harboring the terrorists groups.
  • It may also force Pakistan to rethink its foreign policy of using terror as instrument.
  • Pakistan may move close to China to deal with US pressure which would further enhance influence of China in Pakistan.

The new Afghanistan policy of US correctly recognizes that quick and complete withdrawal of troops will only result in undesirable outcomes. It also recognizes the need to put an end to terrorist sanctuaries in Pakistan and has decided to take a tough stance on Pakistan. The success of this new policy once again depends on how successful US is in convincing Pakistan to stop its support to Afghan terrorists.

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