What do you understand by Emotional Quotient(EQ)? Discuss the importance of EQ in the Workplace.

What do you understand by Emotional Quotient(EQ)? Discuss the importance of EQ in the Workplace.
  • Define EQ.
  • Point out areas of workplace where EQ is useful
  • Conclude accordingly
Model Answer :
Emotional Quotient (EQ) is the measurement of one’s ability to manage one’s and others’ emotions effectively. After the concept of Emotional Intelligence was popularised by Daniel Goleman, a growing body of research has indicated that the emotion management is a key factor in the efficient working and high performance of an organisation.
The importance of EQ can be seen as follows:
  1. Higher EQ in workforce results into high performance which is desirable for success in the workplace. People are aware of themselves and the impact of their action on others. The workers are committed to the organisation and satisfied with their jobs.
  2. The measurement of EQ can lead to a suitable division of work at the workplace as resources are directed to where they are likely to succeed and deliver results.
  3. Healthy interpersonal relationships are critical in the workplace, people with good EQ tend to have good superior, peer and subordinate relationships. High EQ also facilitates good work-life balance.
  4. Motivating people to achieve excellence is a critical task in the workplace which requires good EQ in leaders.
  5. Dealing with parties outside the organisations like creditors, suppliers, customers etc require emotional intelligence and people with high EQ do very well in this area.
  6. Decision making is the key task of management at the workplace, this requires effective planning having a balance between head and heart.
Realising the importance of the EQ at the workplace, organisations are integrating EQ in the organisation culture. Multi-National Corporations like Google and even governments, like in Singapore, are focusing on the EQ factor in the training and recruitment process of their organisation.

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