Important Mains Questions [3rd August]

1) Discuss the positive and negative effects of globalization on farmers in India.

2) What are the key issues associated with India-Bangladesh border? Discuss the steps taken by government of India to address those issues.

3) Khadi was launched as a political weapon of nationalism during the freedom struggle. However, relevance of Khadi is not lost even in post-independent India. Discuss.

4) What do you understand by the term “Big Data”? Suggest ways in which government can use big data to improve service delivery?

5) Discuss the factors responsible for the imperialist control of African countries by European countries.

6) Rabindranath Tagore was a believer in universal humanism and internationalism.

7) Nelson Mandela found motivation in his struggle for freedom from oppression in Mahatma Gandhi?

8) What is the rationale behind the special arrangement for administration of tribal areas under Sixth Schedule of the Constitution? In this respect also enumerate the key features of administration of tribal areas.

9) What are the key provisions of America’s new Afghanistan policy? Discuss its implications for India and Pakistan.

10) The FDI policy is being continuously revised to promote both the Greenfield and Brownfield investments but they are treated differently. Discuss along with the recent steps taken by government to boost foreign investment in India.

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