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Jammu and Kashmir: Article 370, Article 35(A), Resolutions, Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill and all other developments


Headline : J&K loses its special status, divided into two UTs

Details :


The News:


Background: Special status to Jammu and Kashmir

Article 370:

Procedure for removal of Article 370:

Article 35A:

Note: Article does not figure in the text of the Constitution of India, but figures only in the J&K’s Constitution.


News Summary:


Resolution 1: Constitution (Application to Jammu & Kashmir) Order, 2019

Resolution 2: Repeal of Article 370 of the Constitution of India {Ref. Article 370 (3)}

Changes under Article 367:


Bill: The Jammu and Kashmir Reorganisation Bill

Note: This is the first time after the 1956 states’ reorganisation that a full-fledged state has been relegated to a UT (or two).


Changes after the development:


The decision on J&K expected to be challenged in SC

Section : Polity & Governance
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