August’19 -Week3 -QA and CA

1) FATF group ‘blacklists’ Pakistan

2) Is the High Court’s power to issue writs wider than that of the Supreme Court of India? Examine. (10 marks)


3) Can Pakistan get the ICJ to undo India’s decision on J&K’s special status?

4) What is Financial Inclusion? Why are the recently introduced Payments Banks being seen as a significant step towards financial inclusion? Explain. (10 marks)

5) Explained: Sikkim, from Chogyal rule to Indian state

6) Must UPSC Courses : Vision IAS

7)There has been some criticism of the government’s plan to invest in high speed railway (HSR). Discuss the demerits and merits of HSR.

8) What is the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation? Explain its significance for India. (10 marks)

9) National Policy on Biofuels – 2018 is a right step towards promoting biofuels in India. Enumerate the expected benefits of the promotion of usage of biofuels for the socio-economic development of India. (10 marks)

10) Explain the phenomenon of soil-liquefaction and its impact. (10 marks)

11) Explained: Madhya Pradesh may get a second House. Why do some states have Vidhan Parishads?

12) Enumerate the main objectives of the Indian National movement up to 1905. (10 marks)

13) Appointment of CDS will fill a void in India’s defence system Editorial 16th Aug’19 IndianExpress

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