August Week-4, Q&A and CA

1) What is the economics behind e-vehicle batteries?

2) Who are the 19 lakh excluded from Assam NRC, and what next for them?

3)Science for disaster management Editorial 31st Aug’19 TimesOfIndia

4)hat advantages does 3D printing have over traditional methods of manufacturing? What are its potential applications?

5)What are the major problems of agricultural marketing in India?

6)Deceleration in economy: Cyclical downswing, not a deep structural slowdown, says RBI

7)A road map to transforming India’s energy Editorial 30th Aug’19 HindustanTimes

8)Describe the origin and development of thunderstorms with examples. (15 marks)

9)India’s water crisis: All stakeholders must come together Editorial 29th Aug’19 HindustanTimes

10)Explain the economic critique offered by the early Nationalists to challenge British imperialism and its impact. (15 marks)

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