Golden Langur Conservation Breeding Programme

Golden Langur Conservation Breeding Programme

  • Golden Langur Conservation Project is a habitat conservation project initiated in areas adjacent to Manas National Park.
  • Since golden langur is endemic to north-western Assam, the Central Zoo Authority in 2011 had entrusted Assam State Zoo with the project for the conservation breeding of golden langur.
  • The project covers an area of around 23 sq km in a contiguous forest patch in the Manas National Park on the west and the Royal Manas national park of Bhutan on the north.


About Golden Langur

  • Golden langur is one of the most endangered primate species of India and one of the ‘World’s 25 Most Endangered Primates’.
  • Golden Langurs are endemic to the semi-evergreen and mixed-deciduous forests of Indo-Bhutan border.
  • In India, golden langurs are confined to about 2,500 square kilometer between the rivers Manas in the east, Sankosh in the west and Brahmaputra in the south in Assam.
  • The world’s smallest river island Umananda, on the Brahmaputra near Guwahati, is known to be the home for golden langurs.
  • In Bhutan, Golden langurs are found at the foothills of the Black Mountains.
  • However, the number of golden langurs has declined due to:
    • Habitat destruction due to extensive fragmentation
    • Lack of breeding
    • Lack of food
Section : Environment & Ecology

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