In brief: Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019


  • China in the recent years has embarked upon military modernization, and laser-based weapon system is one of them.
  • The US has reported use of low-powered laser beams by China in South China Sea, East China Sea and Djibouti in the horn of Africa where both China and USA have naval bases.
  • The Chinese low-powered lasers are particularly deployed on fishing vessels.
  • The fishing boats have played an important role in China’s maritime militia asserting its territorial claims in the disputed East and South China Seas.
  • The Low-power laser guns are used to dazzle or blind the enemy from a short range.
  • Also called cat grade lasers, they are not military grade but only tactical weapons to create disruptions in enemy movements.


In brief: Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019

  • Australia is increasingly trying to embark upon its role as a major maritime power in the Indian Ocean Region.
  • In that direction, it announced the Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019.
  • Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019 involves exercises and cooperation with 7 countries in the IOR including Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Singapore.
  • AUSINDEX 2019, the bilateral naval exercise between India and Australia held in April 2019 was also a part of Indo-Pacific Endeavour 2019 of Australia.


Laser-based Directed Energy Weapon System

  • Laser-based weapons are advanced directed energy weapon systems that can be mounted on a truck, a vessel, used as close-in weapons on aircraft making up for the sixth generation fighters.
  • They range from low-powered tactical beam emitters to a high-energy strategic weapons system.
  • They can be used tactically to blind the enemy personnel, damage or destroy enemy’s facilities, aircraft, anti-personnel weapon systems, missiles, even space assets.


  • HELIOS is US Navy’s high power laser weapon system.
  • The high-energy fiber laser is designed to counter unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and small boats.
  • Sensors that ensures long-range ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) capability:
  • A counter-UAS dazzler capability: A dazzler that can obscure adversarial UAS-based ISR capabilities.

China’s LW-30

  • It is China’s vehicle-based laser defence weapon system.
  • Usually truck-mounted, they are used to intercept aerial targets including UAVs, drones, guided bombs etc.

India’s Laser Weapon System

  • DRDO is developing a laser weapon system.
  • In this direction, it has tested a high-powered laser of 2KW in July 2018.
  • Other systems such as cooling system and optoelectronics involving lenses etc are in the process of development.
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