Reasons behind the mass death of fish and other marine animals in Ganjam district.


1. Seepage of urea

  • One of the prime reasons is the seepage of water from the damaged roof of the godown and mixing with the urea stored in it.
  • When urea mixes with sea water, it increases the ammonia level.
  • Ammonia drastically reduces the presence of dissolved oxygen in the water.
  • Lack of oxygen for respiration in turn kills the marine animals.


2. Sand deposits

  • The mouth of the channel is blocked by the sand deposits.
  • This prevents mixing of water near fishing jetty with the water from the open sea.


3. Dissolved Oxygen

  • It is the amount of gaseous oxygen (O2) dissolved in the water.
  • Oxygen enters the water by various ways. Some of them are :-
  1. Direct absorption from the atmosphere
  2. By rapid movement
  3. As a waste product of plant photosynthesis
  • It is an important parameter in assessing water quality because of its influence on the organisms living within a water body
  • Dissolved oxygen level that is too high or too low can harm aquatic life and affect water quality.
  • Oxygen levels that go below 1-2 mg/L for a few hours may result in large fish kills.
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