Danziger Flower Farm:

Danziger Flower Farm:
  • The farm was founded in 1953, it is one of Israel’s leading floriculture companies.
  • It has approximately 80,000 square meters of state-of-the-art greenhouses specialising in reproduction of plants.
  • It specialises in research and development of new varieties and cultivars of plants and flowers.
Features of Chrysanthemum Flower:
  • Chrysanthemum is perennial herb and is commonly referred as “mums”.
  • Its genus is Chrysanthemum and it belongs to the Asteraceae family.
  • The flower of the herb blossoms in late summer and early fall season.
  • The flower blooms in different shapes and sizes.
  • Flower originally is of yellow colour, but it can blossom in approximately 21 different colours (except blue) this makes it morphologically different from other flowers.
  • Flower has a medicinal value. It is used for treating various diseases like photopsia, vertigo, fever, headache, xerophthalmia, amblyopia, ophthalmia, hypertension etc.
Israeli Horticulture techniques:
  • Israel, despite being a semi-arid country with limited water resources and rain-deficit conditions, is a leading producer of agricultural commodities.
  • This is due to various revolutionaries techniques used by Israel.
  • Various Israeli horticulture techniques are used in India, including:
    • Vertical farming – it helps in saving space on the ground by growing the crops vertically
    • Drip irrigation – it has about 90 per cent water use efficiency
    • Soil solarisation – it is a non chemical method for controlling soil borne pests using high temperatures produced by capturing radiant energy from the Sun by mulching the soil and covering it with the trap.