River Interlinking Project

The Plan

  • The mammoth plan entails linking nearly 60 rivers, including the mighty Ganges, which the govt hopes will cut farmers dependence on fickle monsoon rains by bringing millions of hectares of cultivable land under irrigation.


1. Ken-Betwa river interlinking project

  • This project will involve construction of a dam on the Ken river, also known as the Karnavati, in north-central India and a 22-km (14-mile) canal connecting it to the shallow Betwa.
  • This project would become a template for other proposed river interlinking projects.
  • The 265-mile Ken flows through a tiger reserve.
  • The government plans to clear out 6.5 percent of the forest reserve to build the dam, relocating nearly 2,000 families from 10 remote villages.


2. Projects to interlink Par-Tapi with Narmada and Daman Ganga with Pinjal

  • At present, the paper works to interlink Par-Tapi with Narmada and Daman Ganga with Pinjal are being completed.
  • It involves state of Gujarat and neighboring Maharashtra.


3. Godavari-Krishna interlinking in Andhra Pradesh

  • Andhra Pradesh successfully finished the project to interlink Krishna and Godavari rivers this year.
  • The river interlinking project has helped farmers in saving their crops from cyclone.
  • The diversion of water will benefit West Godavari, Krishna, Guntur and Prakasam districts.


4. Godavari-Penna interlinking project in Andhra Pradesh

  • AP government is now planning to supply Godavari water directly to Rayalaseema.
  • This project will interlink river Godavari with river Penna.


5. Thamirabarani-Karumeniyar-Nambiyar rivers interlinking project in Tami Nadu

  • The Tamil Nadu government is already working on the project to interlink Thamirabarani, Karumeniyar and Nambiyar rivers by excavating a new flood carrier canal from the existing Kannadian channel, which is one of channels of river Thamirabarani.