Digital North East Vision 2022

Digital North East Vision 2022


To enhance peoples’ lives by capacity building of government staff and doubling BPO strength in the region

About the document:

  • The document emphasises leveraging digital technologies to transform lives of people of the North East and enhance the ease of living.
  • The document identifies eight digital thrust areas:
  1. Digital infrastructure
  2. Digital services
  3. Digital empowerment
  4. Promotion of electronics manufacturing
  5. Promotion of IT and IT enabled services including BPOs
  6. Digital payments
  7. Innovation & startups
  8. Cyber security
  • A cloud hub for North East will be created in Guwahati and capacity building for 50,000 government staff will be taken up in using digital technologies, including Goods and Services Tax and payment platforms.
  • The majority of the projects will be implemented by the Department of Telecom.
  • Special focus will be given to 8,621 unconnected villages in the region.
  • The number of seats planned for BPOs in the Northeastern states will be doubled to 10,000 from 5,000, while the network of common service centres will be expanded to cover all villages.
  • High speed broadband connectivity in all the uncovered villages in the North Eastern region shall be provided.

What are the reasons for less development of north east states?

There have been insurgencies and most of the disturbances in many states:

  • Insurgency in Mizoram- 1966 to 1986
  • Naga insurgency that dates back to pre-independence days. Only in 1970s there was some ceasefire.
  • Assam also had lot of insurgency (ULFA) issues
  • Manipur is the only state which has remained undisturbed.

Other important steps taken for the development of N.E. India

  • DONER ministry (Development of North East Region) was established in 2000.
  • DONER ministry was created specially to look at the needs of the north east region and act as a planning commission for the region and agency between the state governments and central ministries.
  • There is comprehensive scheme for power transmission and distribution for north east. There are other hydropower projects too with installation of 694 MWs of power generating capacity. 2540 kms of transmission lines and distribution lines have already been laid.
  • Connectivity projects in the north east region:
  • 3840kms of national highway was sanctioned with investment of 32600 crores.
  • In the last three years, approx. 1100 kms of national highways have been constructed.
  • Investment of 60000 crore is proposed for roads in the north east region.
  • A highway was inaugurated in shillong which is very important for any development in the states as good highway cut shorts the travel time.
  • North east road development scheme for rehabilitation, upgradation of important but neglected state roads.
  • Boosting business and tourism
    • Development of Umiyam lake under swadesh darshan scheme (barapani in meghalaya).
    • Promotion of regional festivals, like Sangai festivals in Manipur.
    • Rs 2700 crores sanctioned in 2016 to protect the Majuli Island from erosion. It is a world heritage site and thus attracts more tourists.
    • Development of spiritual circuit in manipur as it has traces of old culture, heritage sites.
    • Development of tourist circuit in Sikkim
    • Planning to start a tribal circuit in Nagaland
    • Homestays and hotels have come up in these areas.

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