What is ‘Clean Air India Initiative’?

What is ‘Clean Air India Initiative’?

  • The Clean Air India Initiative is a collaborative project between Get In The Ring, a platform for start-ups, the government of the Netherlands, Start-up India, and INDUS Forum, an online matchmaking platform of Indian and Dutch businesses.
  • It is the component of the Indo-Dutch #StartUpLink initiative which was launched in Bengaluru to facilitate market access for startups in the two countries and promote innovation and entrepreneurship.


  • The campaign aims to curb air pollution in Indian cities by promoting partnerships between Indian start-ups and Dutch companies and build a network of entrepreneurs working on business solutions for cleaner air.


How it will benefit Netherland?

  • It will provide a major business opportunity for Dutch firms for sale of equipment (such as sensors), data and solutions concerning air quality monitoring (AQM), with experts estimating that 80% of India is not covered by AQM data collecting which is the first step toward monitoring and combating air pollution.


How it will benefit India?

  • With millions of deaths every year, air pollution is the world’s largest environmental health risk. It is also one of the biggest public concerns in India today that needs to be changed.
  • The Clean Air India initiative will test and scale innovations through collaboration between startups, large companies and governments to curb pollution.
  • Recently the findings titled ‘Know what you breathe’, researched by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)-Delhi in collaboration with environmental NGO Centre for Environment and Energy Development (CEED), found annual mortality linked to air pollution to be in the range of 150-300 persons per 1 lakh population.
  • However, it isn’t possible to validate these estimates, as cause-specific mortality data do not exist in India. Thus, the equipment bought from Netherland’s firms could help to collect Air quality monitoring data in India.
  • Premature mortality burden could be reduced by 14%-28% annually with the achievement of Indian air quality standards through collaborative innovations.


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