In focus: Clean Meat

In focus: Clean Meat


  • Clean meat or synthetic meat or lab-grown meat is a term used for transgenic meat prepared ex-vivo in the laboratory.
  • The stem cells taken out of the body of the animals are cultured in a petri dish giving rise to cell-based cultured meat.


  • Equivalent
    • Clean meat is equivalent to its conventional counterpart in terms of nutrition, taste, smell and texture.
  • Animal welfare
    • Because of the difference in production technique, clean meat can end animal slaughter and thus ensure animal welfare.
  • Reduces carbon foot print
    • Clean meat requires far less resources compared to animal rearing including land, water, fodder etc and thus reducing carbon footprint.
  • Fight anti-biotic resistance
    • Clean meat can completely ward of rampant use of anti-biotics used in animal rearing and thus help fight antibiotic resistance.
  • Fortification of food
    • Lab-cultured meat can further be genetically modified to augment its nutritional content and thus help in food fortification.
  • Waste management
    • Clean meat eliminates the need for waste management that is a major area of concern in slaughter houses.
  • Food security
    • Clean meat is potential solution for nutritional security of population.
  • Fight Climate change
    • By significantly reducing methane emissions in animal rearing, clean meat can alleviate climate change to some extent.
  • Sustainable food systems
    • By creating a source for affordable proteins, clean meat holds potential for sustainable food system.
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