About The National Plan of Action for Children (NPAC), 2016

About The National Plan of Action for Children (NPAC), 2016

  • The National Plan of Action for Children, 2016 is based on the principles embedded in the National Policy for Children 2013.
  • It seeks to ensure convergence of ongoing programmes and initiation of new programmes so as to focus on pre-determined objectives through well-defined strategies and activities and achieve certain level of outcome.
  • The NPAC 2016 takes into account the current priorities for children in India.
  • It provides a road-map that links the Policy objectives to actionable programmes and strategies and identifies indicators for monitoring the progress.
  • The rights of the children are categorized under four Key Priority Areas in the National Policy for Children 2013.
  • In alignment with the NPC 2013, the NPAC 2016 has the following objectives:


Key Priority Areas of NPC 2013 Corresponding Objectives of NPAC 2016
Survival, Health and Nutrition Ensure equitable access to comprehensive and essential preventive, promotive, curative and rehabilitative health care of the highest standard, for all children before, during and after birth, and throughout the period of their growth and development.
Education and Development Secure the right of every child to learning, knowledge, (including Skill Development) education, and development opportunity, with due regard for special needs, through access, provision and promotion of required environment, information, infrastructure, services and support for the development of the child’s fullest potential.
Protection Create a caring, protective and safe environment for all children, to reduce their vulnerability in all situations and to keep them safe at all places, especially public spaces.
Participation Enable children to be actively involved in their own development and in all matters concerning and affecting them.


Section : Social Issues

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