About Kalpana Lajmi

About Kalpana Lajmi

  • Kalpana Lajmi was a critically acclaimed filmmaker who focused on social issues concerning women.
  • She was one of the earliest feminist filmmakers in Indian cinema.
  • Her body of work covered issues ranging from patriarchy, sexuality and gender, domestic violence to transgender and prostitution.

Noted works

  • Lajmi debuted in the film industry in 1977 as an assistant director under renowned film maker Shyam Benegal in the film “Bhumika: The Role”.
  • Her earlier films were based on stories from books of feminist Bengali authors Maitreyi Devi and Mahashweta Devi.
  • Her first feature film was Ek Pal (1986), based on a short story by Maitreyi Devi with strong female characters.
  • She is best remembered for Rudaali (1993), her second film, based on the work of Mahashweta Devi.
    • Rudaali was primarily based on a group of women in Rajasthan who are better known as professional weepers or mourners.
    • Rudaali explored issue of gender and patriarchy in the broader context of class and caste divides.
  • Works on Gender and Sexuality
    • Darmiyaan in 1997 was the first film that focused on issue of transgender through the construction of eunuch named ‘Immi’.
    • Daman(2001) focused on the issue of domestic abuse and marital rape.
    • In Chingari(2006), Lajmi explored the subject of prostitution and power play of the priestly class. It was based on Hazarika’s novel “The Prostitute and the Postman”.
  • Lajmi also authored a biography ‘Bhupen Hazarika: As I Knew Him’.
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