Q. Considering the controversial nature of the position of the Governor, many experts have suggested abolishment of the Governor’s post. In this light discuss the arguments for and against such decision.

  • Structure of the answer:
  • Introduction
  • Controversial position of the Governor
  • Arguments for abolishing the post
  • Arguments against abolishing the post
  • Final analysis

Model Answer

The Position of the Governor is controversial in light of emergence of concept of cooperative federalism. The issue has recently cropped up over controversial role of Governor in post-election scenario in Maharashtra and Karnataka. These events reflected that Governor’s interference with the democratic process is both real and continuing.

Therefore, in light of ensuing controversy many experts have put forth following arguments to abolish the post of Governor:

  • The position of Governor seems to have colonial imprint.
  • The Governor continue to remains affiliated to Political Party that appoints them. This raise question mark over neutrality of the office of the Governor.
  • The role of the Governor has been substantially changed from that of upholder of Constitution to a position used for destabilising the State government.
  • The post has become a retirement package for politicians who are politically faithful to the government of the day.
  • Further, it is undemocratic to have a nominated person as the head of the State.
  • Lastly, the issue of misuse of the discretionary power of the Governor has become a recurrent phenomenon.

However, many have advocated to uphold the current status quo on following grounds:

  • At the outset, it can be safely be said that post of governor is a vital link between the Centre and the States.
  • For maintenance of national interests, integrity and internal security advocates need for central supervision in form of Governor.
  • The office of Governor manage many things in transition phase like election period and Presidential rule
  • Further, Governor looks into the legal validity of the laws passed by state legislature.
  • Lastly, special responsibility have been conferred upon by the Governor in some states in respect of autonomous regions. For ex- 6th schedule area of Assam.

Thus, misuse of a position of Governor should not serve as a justification for removing the office altogether. The need of the hour is to implement the recommendation of the Sarkaria Committee to reform the office of Governor.