Recently the Department of Space has released a draft“Humans in space policy for India-2021”. Briefly discuss the need for such a policy.

Model Answer


India plans to have a sustained human presence in space. To achieve this,India is working on multiple fronts like technological development, research and collaboration, etc. The draft policy is a step in achieving this goal.

Need for such a policy:

  1. It is being felt that given the collaborative nature of human spaceflight due to its multi-disciplinary nature, it is essential to have a policy framework. It will not only foster partnerships but also addresses proliferation concerns and compliance to existing policies, laws, and treaties.
  2. Human-spaceflight program needs to be sustained over longer periods to deliver tangible benefits. Hence, it is essential that there should be a policy which enables sustained presence in low earth orbit and beyond through reliable, robust, safe, and affordable means.
  3. Human space program will require capacity-building measures like collaborations, infrastructure development, modernization, technology development, and human resource development. The draft policy will help in achieving this objective.
  4. A proper policy will encourage new industries, create high technology jobs, enable socio-economic growth and further enhance India’s stature and role in space.

A long-term road map for sustained human presence in low earth orbit and undertaking exploration missions beyond it will certainly require a transparent, comprehensive and stable policy. The draft policy is a step in right direction to put India into the elite club of space superpower.

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